Return to high school

Today, I had a dentist appointment so I could, get this, pick up my new retainer. I am suddenly fourteen years old again. But since I was probably fourteen years old the last time that I wore my retainer, I have lately become paranoid that my teeth are going to move around and become crooked again. Hence, I asked my dentist to make a new retainer for me. I am trying to model myself on my sister Melissa who always wore her retainers and therefore her teeth remain unchanged since the day her braces were removed.

I need to write an addendum to my post from yesterday. We actually didn’t end up going to the Mariners game last night as the Nintendo tickets were not available (it was just as well considering how badly the Mariners lost to the Angels last night). However, we did go eat at the newest Tom Douglas restaurant in Seattle, Serious Pie, with Brandon and Wendy, and Wendy’s sister. It was so much fun. I am so sad that they are moving because we have been able to bond over our mutual love of food. When I get back from the South, I am going to try to bake them a Red Velvet Cake before their move.

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