Why do all of the cool ones move away?

David and I sometimes have bad luck when it comes to friends. It seems like when we have people that we really enjoy hanging out with, they end up relocating away from Seattle. It happened first with Brigham and Jennie, who moved to D.C. Now, it is happening with Brandon and Wendy, who are moving to the Bay Area, as Brandon is being transferred for work. The worst part about Brandon and Wendy’s move is that we just realized that we had fun together in the past week, and now I am leaving to go to the South for three weeks, and when I return, Brandon and Wendy are leaving on the 27th.

We met Brandon and Wendy because Brandon was the second counselor in our bishopric, even though Brandon graduated high school two years behind David and I. He and Wendy have excellent stories, and we figured out that we know some of the same people from our BYU days. Tonight we are hoping to go the Mariners game with them, as another chance to hang out. Brandon works for Nintendo, and since Nintendo owns the Mariners, he probably can get some pretty good seats through work. Wendy is more of the baseball fan, though. She actually likes the Yankees (bonus points for Wendy) and when we were talking about crushes on athletes, she talked about how much she loved North Carolina’s basketball team in years past (so many bonus points here, I can’t even calculate).

The Bay Area is getting even cooler with these new additions.

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