I am a hypocrite

So I have been feeling a little bit guilty lately. I recoginze that there are many aspects of my personality that are somewhat contradictory. Most people do. However, sometimes I have gut checks that cause me to feel like a complete hypocrite. I had one of those moments earlier on the phone when I was talking to my Dad earlier on the phone (sidenote: Today the sale of our house closed. We are no longer the owners of 654 Timber Ridge Road. This makes me cry. A moment of silence, please.). Anyway, back on topic, we were talking about the Michael Vick dogfighting indictment. I think dogfighting for sport is one of the most disturbing hobbies that human beings participate in. It makes me sick to my stomach. When we lived in Mississippi many years ago one of my mom’s Irish Setters was abducted from Ma Maws and Pa Paws farm, and circumstantial evidence pointed to the possibility that people from Louisiana took poor Rusty as one of the poor dogs that dogfighting dogs used for their “training.” Dog abductions of this type were quite common in Southern Mississippi at the time. It breaks my little heart to this day to think about this. So I am of the view that if Michael Vick is guilty of this whole interstate dogfighting ring, he deserves what he gets.

But then I feel like such a hypocrite for this reason – because I have admitted on many prior occasions to enjoying fois gras. A couple of weeks ago, I heard this story on NPR about China’s growing fois gras industry (in part because it is being banned so many other places). During part of the story they played this sound clip of the geese being force-fed and it was one of the most horrible noises I have ever heard in my life. I think my days of enjoying fois gras are over, no matter how tasty it may be, because I need to live a more ethically consistent lifestyle. So, I am going to try to give it up. Break the habit. I just have to think of that sound; of poor Rusty. I think that will help.

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