The Worst Part…

I don’t want to be a selfish bride, and so I am going to try and refrain from posting about wedding issues, because it just seems so self-absorbed. But I just have to say one thing, I do not believe that there is anything more nightmarish than shopping for a wedding dress. If hell was a place where you had to keep doing something that caused you pain over and over again, I think that shopping for a wedding dress would be my condemnation. I had my first foray into that yesterday, and the fact that I have to keep doing it until I find some ridiculous piece of organza or satin is like someone dragging their fingernails against a chalkboard over and over again.

Here is the strange part – I like dresses. There is nothing that I generally consider to be a greater treat than blowing my money on an Anthropologie dress. I like wearing dresses in my daily life. Why is it so different for wedding dresses? I have yet to exactly identify what it is, but the combination of the fact that Mormon-appropriate wedding dresses are generally so ridiculous looking (shirt sleeves and square necks seriously make me want to vomit). Perhaps if I were independently wealthy or a celebrity and could have Oscar de la Renta design my wedding gown, perhaps then I would find something that I like with relative ease. The hard part is, I don’t even know what I would like, so I can’t even describe a dress to someone to have one made either. I have a feeling that Oscar would just know. In the meantime, I just want to find anything that works and get the wedding dress part over with.

Here are other ways that I am not a bride – all I care about is the music and I think everything is too expensive. Does that make me not a girl?

In the meantime, I can delight myself by watching the Panda Cam at the Atlanta Zoo, that Meredith told me about. Something about watching those bears roll all around, is just so memsmorizing. Can I get rolly-poly panda bears at my wedding? Who cares what I am wearing.

2 thoughts on “The Worst Part…

  1. Yeah, you can do that. You can do whatever you want, but it is just the process of finding a dress in general. It is so annoying how the girls that work at those places are always like, “ooh, try this one on, or what do you like and dislike about this dress?” its the whole thing. oh, and like the first girl that was helping me was like, “so does a pearl ring symbolize the same thing that a diamond ring does?” and I was like, “according to who de beers and their advertising campaign?” she wasn’t too helpful after that.

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