Even on Monday

My history of blog writing is fairly morose. It seems as though I only write when I have something to complain about. And it so happens, I generally have many things to complain about. But lately, I do have to say, I have actually thought about how much in my life makes me so happy right now. I guess getting engaged can do that. I don’t want to sound too trite or ridiculous about it. Beyond that, I think what I have realized how many truly amazing and dynamic people I have in my life, and have had the good fortune of meeting in my life. I may have never been the most popular girl, or the most social girl, but the friends that I do have seriously must rate among some of the best people in the world. I have just been fairly fortunate to run across such amazing people.

I am excited to get married, and as a part of that, have so many of my favorite people there in the same place. I am already lucky to have a pretty remarkable family, and to add to them the interesting, talented friends that I have, well, lets just say, I am a lucky, lucky girl. I just hope that Mickey has enough room at Disney World for all of that brillance in one place.

It makes turning 29 so much better.

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