Becks in America

I just wanted to write a quick few words on David Beckham’s official unveiling as a part of the L.A. Galaxy today. This article was a good read on the subject. It made me like Beckham even more.

My two cents: I hate L.A.; I hate any sports team associated with L.A.; but in spite of the fact that it is L.A., I am still pleased that Becks has chosen to come play in America. I want him to be successful and cause people to pay more attention to soccer in America. Maybe then Seattle will get a M.L.S. team. Although I am not a huge Beckham fan (although I do like the English National Team, and on a team full of hooligans like Rooney, I think he brings a little more dignity to the came), when I saw him place twice in the U.S. last year, there was a palpable excitement everytime he came onto the field or touched the ball in the games in Seattle and Salt Lake where I saw him play. Here’s to hoping he can make it last.

Welcome Becks! And please try to ensure that your kids keep their English accents in spite of living in L.A.

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