Je ne regrette rien

Lately it seems as though I only see movies involving Paris. This weekend, the Paris movie marathon continued. First, I saw Ratatouille, which was the most delightful animated film that I have seen in quite some time. I think that it was actually made for adults more than children. It was such a wonderful story about how any person with heart and drive can become an artist, and it involved one of my favorite artforms, food, in a beautiful animated setting, Paris. It was so wonderful.

The second film was also about the struggle to become an artist among the rough streets of Paris, La Vie en Rose, about the life of Edith Piaf. The life of this artist was somewhat grittier, and involved a bit more swearing and alcohol abuse, but there was a moment at the end of the film, where it all became quite charming in its own way. I have been an admirer of her unconventional voice for quite some time, and the film made it all make a little more sense.

Note: In Ratatouille, I was the oldest person in the crowd, except for people accompanying children, of course. In La Vie on Rose, I was probably the youngest person in attendance. I guess people of my age group and younger don’t really appreciate the WWII era chanteuse. I guess I also have a problem identifying with people of my own generation (like last night at the Band of Horses concert, for example).

Note: My Parisian movie-fest is about to come to an end. I am getting dragged to see Transformers tonight.

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