MJ does it again!

There are many newsworthy things I could write about today. I could choose to write about my thoughts on the Supreme Court’s ruling on the race-based preferences in secondary schools cases. I am not going to write about this. I posted my thoughts on the Seattle Times reader feedback page earlier today, since Seattle is one of the two school districts whose policies were in issue. You have to scroll down to get to my comment. Basically, to sum it up, I just point out that the real issue is the fact that the Seattle School District has such a tremendous disparity between the quality of its schools, and the fact is, some criteria has to be used to determine who gets to go to those schools. Using the criteria of a “neighborhood school” essentially discriminates against people who are too poor to afford a home in that school district, but it just so happens that it is okay to discriminate that way and not okay to utilize race as a factor. Is that any more fair? Absolutely not; and it is the kids who are banished to underperforming schools who pay the price. I think Florida gets it almost right, because it allows children who go to failing schools to be able to go to alternate schools. The criteria is based on school performance. I do also think that there is some benefit to diversity. I know I benefited from it at my high school.

Anyway, I said I wasn’t going to post about that. Instead, what I want to post about is how excited I am that Brandon Wright was drafted by the Charlotte Bobcats. Can I just say how much I love how that team is becoming the NBA’s UNC? It is so exciting. I don’t care how many games they lose, I support that time. I can’t wait for them to play the Sonics this year. I will definitely be getting tickets to that game – and as a bonus, I get to see Kevin Durant playing for the Sonics! I can’t wait.

I love Brandon Wright’s skinny arms!

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