Je pousse un cri

“Paris Je T’aime” – I saw this movie a week ago, but it has been stuck in my head all week. Almost all of the vignettes made me want to return to Paris, for varying reasons, but the one that has been particularly stuck in my head is the one with Natalie Portman. There is some line in there to the effect of that she liked to scream, sometimes because she had a reason, but sometime for no reason at all.

I keep thinking about it because I think those lines pretty much sum up how I have been feeling as of late. I can’t be done with my job soon enough, which makes me want to scream. But that isn’t enough. What it really is, I think is the following: lately I have this extremely precise feeling that I am meant to do something much greater with my life, and up until now, I have just been taking the easy way with everything that I do. Now, it has caught up with me and I just want to scream.

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