Geopolitical Affairs at the Miss Universe Pageant

I am moving to a new house here in Seattle. It is actually five blocks away from my house where I live now. The difference is a couple of things – first, I will no longer have the killer city and Lake Union view from my living room. Second, I am giving up what has by far been my favorite place of all places that I have lived on my own. It was large and spacious for just me, I had my own kitchen that had plenty of room for all of my kitchen appliances and so forth, and it was incredibly cute and homey feeling. I am giving all of this up to move in with my friend Emily, who lives in a house across the street from the first house that I lived in when I moved to Seattle. I am doing this because I will be saving a considerable amount of rent, and I am sure it will be nice to have a roommate while I am back in grad school. Emily is a PhD student, so it will be fun to live a student lifestyle again. We will see if I am still singing the same tune when I am back living on a student budget again and not making a paycheck…

Anyway, that was a long preference to this – the other night I was packing and moving, and Miss Universe was on the television. I can’t honestly say when I watched Miss Universe for the last time, but I always felt that those chicks on Neptune were probably pretty upset that they weren’t invited. The reason why I actually left it on my television screen the other night was because Miss Tanzania made it as a finalist! I was so excited. Miss Tanzania was the coolest. While all of the other finalists had your typical long, voluminous, beauty pageant hair, Miss Tanzania’s head was completely shaved. And she looked beautiful. She had by far the most compelling face. Not only that but she was an engineer. Your typical contestant studies communications and aspires to be a television news anchor, but not Miss Tanzania. She made it to the top ten finalists, but was stopped short of being one of the top five. I am sure it because she lacked the beauty queen polish of the other contestants. She didn’t walk like the other girls or smile like the other girls, but she was way more natural.

Miss Universe was also interesting because it was quite the study of world opinion regarding the United States. Miss USA fell during the evening gown portion. She fell hard. The Mexico City crowd loved it. There is nothing like seeing a “Superpower” down on her backside. It was like the world got to laugh at the US. Nonetheless, in spite of her fall, she made it to the top five. Miss Mexico, however, did not make it. So, when Miss USA got called to answer her question, she was booed. Big time. This is just how far the US has fallen in world opinion. Even the beauty pageant crowd is against us now. Despite the boos, Ms. USA was actually the only contestant who actually answered the question that was asked to her. Nonetheless, I am sure the weight of public opinion had some effect, as Miss USA only came in fifth place (I think the judges were afraid they would have a riot on their hands if they placed her any higher). Miss Japan won.

It says alot when a beauty pageant reveals so much hatred for the US.

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