Goodbye Rory and Lorelai

Dear Producers/Writers of the Gilmore Girls,

I am not generally one to make a tremendous effort to complain about fictional television shows. Your show is ending at the end of this season, and in fact, after last night’s episode, there is only one episode left. However, after watching last night’s episode, I have about zero interest in watching the Series Finale. What I always have loved about the Gilmore Girls is the consistent, authentic characters. But last night, at the end of the show, I was left thinking, huh? How did that just happen?

What I mean is this – having Logan propose to Rory, believable; having Rory say no, because she needed to figure some things out for herself, also believable, although maybe not as much considering how much effort Rory has put into that relationship for the past three years; having Logan saying goodbye, in such a peremptory way, with such coldness between the two of them, completely not believable, and entirely annoying. First of all, how could any couple who has been together for that long just end things in about five sentences with such a lack of emotion displayed between the two of them? It just seemed so inconsistent with everything that I had come to enjoy about the development of the Rory/Logan relationship.

So now, what is there left to resolve in the series finale? Of course, Luke and Lorelai will reunite, yawn. Oh, and all of the townspeople of Stars Hollow will celebrate Rory’s graduation with all of their eccentricities that at one time were humorous but that now are just entirely boring, double yawn. Oh, and I am sure that Rory will suddenly find some great job now that she has sacrificed her relationship with Logan for the sake of her career (because that is realistic). And mother and daughter will live happily ever after. So effectively, I have no real reason to watch the show.

It definitely is a good thing there is no new Season. The way this one ended is pathetic enough.

Former Viewer,


P.S. – Oh and by the way Rory, I know you think now that someone better than Logan is going to come along, but you are wrong. Nope. While I am sure that Logan will go off and end up with someone who is either a much better version of yourself or some superficial twit who is nothing like you. Either way, he will be happy. Good luck finding the same.

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