A Tale of Two Parises

I thought that I would post on a couple of news items from the weekend that struck my interest.

First – of course, the French Presidential Election. Well, it looks like that the Paris left wing is out in full force tonight rioting over the election of Nicolas Sarkozy, the right wing Presidential Candidate. They have to get their rioting in while they can – Sarkozy might be working to get rid of that famous thirty-five hour work week, leaving less leisure time to tear up the streets and burn automobiles. I love Paris. I can’t stop reading the news coverage on Le Monde. Why is French politics so much more interesting to me these days than American politics?

Second – I watched the Kentucky Derby this year. Mostly it was because the Queen was there, and everyone knows about my fascination with Queen Elizabeth. I know that since America fell in love with Barbaro last year, the Kentucky Derby is all the rage. I just would like an excuse to wear a fabulous hat. Anyway, when the announcers were naming the horses, I just knew one would win as soon as I heard his name “Street Sense.” This is the only year I actually wanted a particular horse to win. It is too bad that I don’t gamble either, because I would hace actually been a winner, because sure enough, that horse won. It was all in the name.

Third – Spiderman III: I enjoyed it. I still think that I liked 2 more, but this one was definitely worth the cost of the ticket, if for no other reason than to see Tobey McGuire dancing. I still just think that three villians is too many, though.

Fourth -Before I start lamenting having to go to court tomorrow, I just want to take a second and think about one reminder that we had from Friday that sometimes justice can still be had in a courtroom. I am referring to Paris Hilton being sentenced to 45 days in jail for violating probation. I wish I would have been that prosecutor. Seriously, it would make one’s whole legal career working as a public servant worthwhile to have that moment in the courtroom when you are locking up one of the people responsible for the dumbing down of America’s youth. Sometimes, the justice system still works.

And with that, I am ready to go to court tomorrow.

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