Her eyes narrowed in recognition. . .

I spent this past weekend in Utah. It was a pretty great trip. I went primarily to go to my friend Charelle’s wedding on Friday, but on the trip I was able to see a few people that I hadn’t seen in a while and have some good Utah times. Here are some of the highlights.

Friday, I went down to Provo and had lunch with my friend Neil at Cafe Rio. Sometimes, going back to Provo makes me feel like I never left at all. In addition to the fact that BYU students always seem to look the same, no matter how long I am away, conversations with Neil are always interesting and delightful. After the afternoon in Provo, I headed up Provo Canyon with David for dinner at Zoom, before heading to Charelle’s wedding reception. It could have been like any other Friday night during my life in Provo – dinner in Park City, then heading to an event in Salt Lake. Zoom itself has been the scene of Friday night dinners, followed by the Utah Symphony, and law school graduation dinners of the past. It all had a very familar feel to it.

Charelle’s wedding was great. Of course, Charelle looked beautiful and happy. It was great to see her. At the wedding, as a bonus, I got to see Olivia, who was in town from New York because she is friend of Carl, Charelle’s now husband. Olivia is one of my favorite people in the world that I never get to see anymore. Not only is she a published author but she is also one of the most fun people that exists. So, I got to break it down dancing with both Charelle and Olivia. That is a pretty great event.

Here is the strangest part of the whole weekend, though – my old arch nemesis was at Charelle’s wedding. When I was standing and talking to Charelle’s sister, I saw her walk through the door and we caught each other’s eyes and gave each other the old stink-eye. Suddenly, I felt like an eighteen year old living in the dorms, who had just seen the person that underminded her efforts to have any semblance of self-confidence in the presence of the boy that she adored. I don’t need to go into details about the origins of the title of arch-nemesis, but let me just say this, the following lines will live forever in infamy: “Kate Moss is 5’7″ and 107 pounds. That’s not skinny.” Who wouldn’t want to punch someone that says that? Luckily, since that time, I haven’t had anyone else enter my life as an “arch nemesis.” But I guess, that in life, you can only have one arch nemesis.

On Saturday, I spent most of the day with David’s family in Northern Utah. David has a new nephew, Nathan, who was born since the last time I was there.

Then, on Saturday night, I met my friend Kersten, whom I also have not seen in quite some time, and we went to hear Neil’s band, The Eden Express, play. I credit Neil with alot when it comes to introducing me to some music that became pretty important in my life. So of course, if Neil was actually going to attach his name to a musical project, I had high expectations. Despite the poor sound quality in what had to be one of the biggest dives in Salt Lake, the band didn’t disappoint (I was very happy that The Eden Express was so good after suffering through the first band, whose music was described by the bartender as “android porn.” It was a rather apt desciption.). It was great to catch up with Kersten and Neil’s wife, Sherisa as well. I had almost forgotten about how many of my favorite people live in Utah.

Here are some shots of The Eden Express:

All in all, a pretty great weekend.

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