Why no Elephant Ears?

This past weekend wasn’t all about Civil War Battlefields. To welcome spring, I also went to the Tulip Festival in Skagit County, north of Seattle. Friday, the weather was absolutely beautiful here, and I almost forgave Seattle for all of its weather annoyances of the winter months. Almost. As it turns out Seattle is a big tease. I went to bed Friday night to beautiful spring weather, and woke up Saturday morning to another damp, gray day. Thanks for mocking me, Seattle.

In any case, I decided I would try my best to welcome spring despite the misting rains of what seems like an endless Northwest winter. Tulips have to put one in a better spring mood.

Even with the scattered showers, it was a pretty beautiful day. I was sorely disappointed, though, that Tulip Town didn’t have Elephant Ears, like they had last time I went to the Festival in 2005. On the upside, we did get to go on a tractor ride. I think that you can see the tractor in the background of one of these pictures (It looks like a Ford Tractor, but it isn’t.). Something about my Mississippi sensibilities prohibits me from taking a picture of a tractor outside of Mississippi (David took the picture with the tractor). Nonetheless, I am all for tractor rides regardless of where they take place.

I do have to mention one other thing from the weekend. I can’t entirely get away from civil wars, although this comment is about a different civil war. I read the book this weekend A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah about his experience as a child soldier in Sierra Leone’s civil war. It was pretty powerful.

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