blog content update

It never fails. As soon as I get a computer that functions, and I get excited that I can resume normal blogging content, of course my digital camera stops functioning for no apparent reason. So I still lack the ability to make my blog look interesting. Oh well, until this week in Seattle, it has been nothing but rainy days so there really hasn’t been anything too noteworthy to document by way of photographic material. And I haven’t travelled anywhere recently either. I am trying to put in my time at work and not take off too much time prior to my quitting date.

If I did have a camera that functioned, I might have considered putting a picture of my spectacular new hairdo that I got yesterday. However, I probably wouldn’t because I fear that posting pictures of myself would make me seem like an incredibly vain person.
Instead, how about a picture of my favorite balloon at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?

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