And finally…an answer!

So I finally have some good news to report, more than North Carolina’s fantastic performance in the opening rounds of the NCAA tournament. I got into UW for my program in Library and Information Science. This means that now I am on my way out of this dreadful career as an attorney, and hopefully on my way to a much rosier career as a law librarian. That is my hope. Of course, there is still the dreaded issue of paying for my existence for the next year of my life when I am a full time student again, but I guess I was bound to need student loans at some point in time, since my first two degrees left me with no debt. Interesting side note – I heard on NPR this morning that Davidson College, is no longer offering loans as a part of its financial aid plans. If only that was the case back when I was accepted there, I might have been a Wildcat instead of of a Cougar. Of course, my alma mater’s basketball team would still have been a first round loser at the NCAA tournament.

Now I just have to figure out my financing plan, and make it through the next five months of being an attorney before I hang up my suit coats for awhile. That is definitely good news.

I have been thinking alot about all of this youthful ambition I once possessed when I believed that I was going to go out and change the world. I want to post a longer blog entry on this notion later, but suffice it to say, the thought of being the best academic law librarian I can be is what thrills me to no end these days.

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