March Madness Revisited

It is that time of year again. This weekend it is the ACC tournament . . . by next weekend it is the NCAA tournament. I signed up for the CBS March Madness on demand today so that I can watch the games at work, in between dealing with other people’s problems.
March has brought a special kind of anxiety this year. It is something greater than the anxiety of knowing that one loss means my Tarheels are done for the season. It is the added anxiety of waiting to hear about whether or not I will be attending the UW Library and Information Science program in the fall. I feel a particular kind of anxiety about this because I need to know that my present job has an expiration date. It has been slowly sucking the humanity out of me for quite some time, and I am concerned that if I do not get into graduate school that I will be a woman without a plan. I have no Plan B right now.
For the better part of my life I have been using North Carolina basketball as a metaphor for my life. Something about looking at Tyler Hansbrough wearing that ridiculous mask today made me feel so uncomfortable and confined. But at the same time, when I look at Brandan Wright’s freakishly long arms, I think that sometimes that we do end up doing exactly what we were meant to do in life. Only someone who has a case of March Madness as serious as mine could find a way to relate these things with a desire to become a law librarian.

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