Some Long Overdue Pictures

Since my blog has been so devoid of visual content as of late, I thought I would mix it up a little bit with some great old family photos, from back in the days when we all felt a bit more photogenic.

Nips make you strong! Or so say Melissa and my cousin, Suzanne, in their bid to become the Nips Spokespeople.

Sarah and I when we were very young.

Melissa had a superhero birthday cake. And she carried her Snoopy with her everywhere.

Let me just say this right now, it will be a shame if Sarah, Melissa, and I never have children. We have good genes to have cute children. I mean, not to be conceited about it, but look at some of these pictures:

That is Sarah and our Irish Setter, Rusty.
I was cute too.

Of course, as can be seen above, Melissa was the cutest of all. Look at her in the pool, below:

Yep, the three of us were such cuties. I bet if more men saw us as babies and as children, then they would want to date us, marry us, and have kids with us. Because we were cute. Of course, we have to thank the ones who gave us such good genes.

Thanks Mom and Dad!

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