The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling!

There certainly are alot of Chicken Littles running around Seattle. In what could only be compared to a weak tropical storm (if it were about 40 degrees warmer, that is), the entire Western Washington region has today proven how ridiculous an area can act in something that doesn’t even amount to a natural disaster. I have learned today how much I don’t want to be here should something significant ever actually happen, like an earthquake of major proportions.

Granted, I am fortunate because I didn’t lose power, and my drive to work was incredibly easy, but half of my office didn’t show up at all today. I just went out for lunch, and it is an absolute comedy of errors out there. People have forgotten the four way stop rule when a traffic signal is out. People are out clogging up gas stations and stocking up on ice (it is 40 degrees outside, mind you and it is forecast to get even colder this weekend). I feel like I am a genius because I had the common sense to fill up my tank of gas yesterday, when all of the gas stations had power.

Once again, I am reminded of how a little foresight goes a long way to staving off disasters. For example, so many people are without power, and all of the relevant utilities operations are saying it could be days until power is restored. Perhaps if the people here ever thought to cut the trees away from power lines, then some of this could have been avoided (I know right in front of my house there is a tree that grows directly through the power lines). I know road crews in Florida are pretty diligent about that. Generally, that diligence is why weak tropical storms in Florida don’t cause widespread power outages. I have to comment on the work ethic of some of the power crews here too – I just went to Jack-in-the-Box for lunch with my paralegal, and watched a crew across the street. There were 5 people – two holding signs, one in the bucket repairing the line, and two people standing around smiking. At that rate, it is going to be months for them to restore power here.

Maybe I am just trained from living on the Gulf Coast; only I haven’t lived there since high school.

Get a load of some of this silliness from the Seattle Times.

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