L’Etat C’est Moi

I haven’t posted in awhile. I have witnessed some exciting events lately. I actually was in Utah for Thanksgiving and attended the BYU/Utah football game. It was the first BYU game that I have been to since my freshman year of college. Throughout most of my BYU experience, I had a hate/hate relationship with the BYU football team. During the Luke Staley year, I actually wrote a Viewpoint in the Daily Universe to express my disgust with the very notion that BYU was deserving of a BCS bid. Nonetheless, despite my antagonistic history towards BYU football, I managed to put it behind me for the purpose of supporting my alma mater at the game. I even wore a BYU sweatshirt! Of course, I attended the game with three Ute fans, so that made it even more fun when BYU pulled off the victory in the end. I have to admit, it was an exciting football game, even for my jaded, hard to impress, sports sensibilities.
While I am on the subject of sports – I am so excited that it is now college basketball season, and North Carolina has an excellent young team to watch. I was able to watch two games this week – UNC vs. Ohio State and also vs. Kentucky. I think I love Brandon Wright, the freshman, the most. He has such freakishly long arms, I am just amazed what he can do with them.

Some non-sports excitement – the weather in Seattle was the talk of the town last week. I think it snowed a couple of inches, and practically the whole city shut down. I still braved the elements to go to work, and it was quite humorous to watch all of these Washingtonians trying to drive in the snow. My years in Utah trained this Southern girl in the art of icy driving, enough to laugh at those less versed than myself in that area.

My new career ambition (If the library science thing doesn’t work out): AP European History teacher. Lately, I can’t get enough of studying European History. I just finished a biography of Elizabeth I and am making my way through the new Antonia Fraser book on the women who affected Louis XIV. I find myself obsessed with Royal Family trees, trying to understand how everyone is related to each other. It is just this really weird phase I am in.

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