Baseball Caps Everywhere

I love that line from the Simpsons, used by a Thai Restauranteur in describing state universities. When I went to see Borat on Friday night in Bellevue, I felt the exact same sentiment. Even worse, many of the guys at the movie were wearing their baseball caps backwards, which is one of the worst looks ever created. It renders the whole purpose of the baseball cap completely useless. I shouldn’t have been so surprised to see so many backwards baseball caps in a venue where I actually heard someone use the expressions, “That’s hella high” and “They are sitting up there in the butthole of the world.” I was humiliated collectively by the youth of America. Of course, on a broader scale it was somewhat depressing, after seeing Borat, to find that people’s primary source of entertainment can come from humiliating others.

This was the same movie theater that in the week prior, I had come to admire the quiet dignity of Queen Elizabeth II. Among that movie going crowd, David and I were by far the youngest. Fortunately, there were no backward baseball caps. Unfortunately, those wearing backwards baseball caps probably have the most to learn from someone like Queen Elizabeth.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I must confess the following guilty pleasure, which potentially could render my whole regarding baseball caps incredibly hypocritical. The fall rain has set in for Seattle, seriously curtailing my Saturday activities. Thus, for the past few weekends, I have found tremendous solace in watching the SEC football games, broadcast on CBS. Perhaps I have been missing home and the South too much that I could do this one thing weekly that allows me to feel less far away from the Gulf Coast. It has gotten to be a problem – I even watch the NFL from time to time, to watch my favorite Southern stars in their pro years. The Southern accents of the Manning brothers provides me considerable respite after a week of dealing with obnoxious attorneys and impossible to please clients. Like the Manning brothers, I am a Southerner living in the North, in large part, for the sake of my career. They seem so much more connected to a place that hasn’t been my literal home for quite some time.

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