I really need to start posting my pictures again on my blog. My blog is dreadfully boring without them. I really need to stop being so cheap and just get the internet at home for my laptop.
My French obsession continues – now in the form of watching Francois Truffaut films – last night it was Mississippi Mermaid. I have decided that if I ever do get married, I would like a wedding dress like crazy Catherine Deneuve in that film. Tonight, I am going to rewatch The 400 Blows, which I have been meaning to do for quite a while, since I have forgotten it from my BYU International Cinema days.
I finished reading the book The Emperor’s Children, by Claire Messud.

It was a pretty good read. Since I am only a couple of years away from 30, am having serious career angst, and have lingering issues about growing up, I could definitely relate to some of the characters. I have frequently looked at others in my peer group and seen them doing so much at the same age as me and have felt like I have failed to live up to my potential. It was well written and although I didn’t completely enjoy some of the plot developments, it was one of the better books that I have completed this year.

On to the next book – a history of the Indian Ocean during the age of colonialism, that I picked up from Elliot Bay the other night, and whose title is escaping me right now.

I will come back to this entry and try to post some pictures of the weekend that I spent with my sister in town. Sarah was here interviewing for a Post Doc position, because she is totally a science genius and is in high demand. I think she is going to go to Boston, but nonetheless, it was fun to try to woo her to Seattle. Seattle cooperated, with great weekend weather.
Saturday we woke up and went to Greenlake to run. Sarah ran for 2.5 hours, and I didn’t make it anywhere close to that, but I did play 2.5 hours of tennis, which is always great fun (Note: I am now bouncing the ball an odd number of times before I serve). We also went to Bumbershoot that afternoon (after a brief stop at Natacha’s wedding reception), which had the following highlights – Blondie, Roller Derby, Rogue Wave, and seeing Rebecca from San Francisco! That girl is one of the best things about the West Coast.
Sunday, we took the ferry to Bainbridge, and then saw lots of salmon at the Ballard Locks.
Monday, we tackled Mount Rainier, with Sarah running up the side of the mountain, and David and I doing whatever we could to will ourselves up its steep climbs.
Tuesday, after work, Sarah reminded me what it was like to actually go to the gym. If Sarah did move to Seattle, I would be in much better shape.

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