Thank you Dr. Grey

I am starting to be concerned that I may be displaying symptoms of obsessive/compulsive disorder. I learned on Grey’s Anatomy that around the age of 30 is when many people notice the onset of symptoms. It is a good thing we can diagnose ourselves thanks to television these days. Anyway, the symptoms that I have been manifesting is this – I have been trying to practice my French lately, and I will keep repeating the same French phrase over and over and over again, until I say it right. But then, it isn’t just okay to say it right once, because it could have been a fluke, so I will keep saying it over and over again. The second behavior is this – when I play tennis, I have to bounce the ball an even number of times before I serve it, otherwise I cannot function, because I am sure I am going to get a double fault. No matter what I have to do that. I am hoping that these behaviors are not signs of OCD but rather are signs of being a perfectionist and superstitious.

By the way, Wide Angle on PBS last night was fascinating. It was on “Turkey’s Tigers”, about fundamentalist Turkish Capitalists. This one capitalist has built quite a business in selling modest Turkish clothing for women, and talked alot about the need for respect of women, and as they were showing women walking through the bazaar in Istanbul, I kept thinking to myself how interesting this was because when I was walking through that bazaar, Turkish men kept grabbing my ass, and I am sure they were Muslim. I guess I can’t be positive that they were Turkish or Muslim, but I know it wasn’t Blaine, who I was with in Turkey (although at the time, I probably wouldn’t have minded so much if it was), so I go with the odds of who it could have been in a crowded Turkish market.

Here is my last unconnected thought for the day – it is August, and in Seattle the high temperature today was only supposed to be in the 60s. That is just wrong. I am sitting here in my office freezing, because the AC is still on, and I know outside it is going to be just as cold, if not colder. Climate change fails me when I need it most.

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