Let’s Look On the Brightside!

This week has not had alot of happy news. I could sit and write today about I may be paying $4 for gas in WA soon, or about how annoying it may be to fly to Utah tomorrow, but since there is so much sadness in the world these days (Lebanon, Iraq, Darfur, etc.), I am going to try to to write about something positive for a change in my own life. Here are some good things:

1. The DC United/Real Madrid Game: It was so much fun. We sat three rows off the field, close to where the players entered and exited the field. My favorite MLS team, led by my favorite MLS players, Ben Olsen and Freddy Adu, tied Real Madrid in a game of some exciting soccer. Not only did the game provide me with a rare opportunity to showcase my DC United scarf, but it also gave me an opportunity to scream very loudly and appear on the Jumbotron. Life was complete.

2. My Sudanese friend Thichiot received a generous settlement offer from American Seafoods to settle his claim against them for the frostbite incident that led to his amputations. I was so happy for him. Now, Thichiot will have the money to go to Ethiopia and see his sick wife and have money to pay for his medical care. It is proof to me that every so often, one can find justice here in these United States.

3. David and I got to have dinner with Brigham and Jennie! Unfortunately, Brigham and Jennie are relocating to DC next month, which I won’t focus on since this post is supposed to be happy and positive. We at dinner at Kingfish, which is a delicious soul food restaurant on Capitol Hill. The restaurant had some of the most delicious collard greens and I also got to eat red velvet cake! That alone would have made for an outstanding evening, but talking to Jennie and Brigham only made the evening even better. I am going to miss them alot when they leave the Pacific Northwest. I don’t have many friends here, let alone friends like them who have so many interesting things to say.
BONUS: The bonus from dinner with David, Brigham, and Jennie is that in the middle of this restaurant in Seattle, Washington, Mike Johnson, one of my sister Sarah’s friends from middle school and high school in Pensacola, walked in. It was a pretty odd coincidence. Sarah and Mike did a history fair project together in high school about Jimi Hendrix, and now, here we were blocks away from the famous Jimi Hendrix statue on Broadway. Mike Johnson introduced Sarah to alot of music, who in turn introduced a lot of great music to me and Melissa. It was crazy seeing Mike Johnson. I mean, my mom taught him in middle school.

4. This has now reminded me of one other item of good news – Sarah is coming to visit for Labor Day weekend. I am looking forward to that.

Aren’t I just the picture of positivity today?

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