On my media…

Goodness my blog looks boring now that I do not have internet access to my home computer (and my wireless card in my laptop is broken). I need to stop being so cheap, but it is difficult these days, considering I am trying to save money for library science school and gas prices in Washington State may be going up to near $4 a gallon. I guess that means no more weekend trips to beautiful places around the Pacific Northwest. After this weekend’s trip to North Cascades, the idea of not being able to take weekend road trips makes me incredibly sad. Saturday was another day filled with beautiful glacier fed rivers and lakes, and a perfect blueberry shake.

So, I guess my life will more consist of the media that I can consume close to home. So here is my post on the media that has consumed me as of late:

Movie: Talledega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby – The main impact that this movie had on me was the following: It made me want to go visit Grammy in North Carolina, where the movie was filmed, and it made me want to eat at Applebees. That is a pretty powerful piece of advertising. However, the overly crude children in the beginning of the film really bothered me. Luckily, they reformed, thanks to their Southern grandma. Everyone needs one.

DvD/Television: Gilmore Girls – I am all about the Gilmore Girls these days. My weekend splurge included purchasing the Season Five dvd, which I have been watching nonstop since then. I missed Season 6 all year long, so I am catching up on reruns of that as well. I can’t explain why the smart talking female duo just entertains me so much, but they do. Maybe it is because of all of the literary references.

Music: I just got the French chanteuse Camille’s latest album. It is fairly entertaining. Ever since Paris, I have felt the overwhelming need to immerse myself in the French language, to the greatest extent possible. Therefore, now when I am not tuned into NPR in my car, I listen to French music. If only they had French NPR in America – then I would be set!

Books: Well, I am still working on Emma, Middlemarch, and also Alexandra Fuller’s Scribbling the Cat. I also have to note, I recently became a free subscriber to the Seattle Times. It is no New York Times, but it is a fairly good morning read. And, I really enjoy those Sodoku Puzzles.

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