Yesterday, I was reading two of my old journals, one from my sophomore year of college, the other from my second year of law school, and they made me depressed. I was not depressed because I was humiliated at how much time I invested in pointless relationships (note to self: never advise a girl to write a paper for a boy, much less write a paper for a boy who cheats on you). Rather, I was depressed because I used to be so much more thoughtful and articulate. I would read Erich Fromm and comment for pages about the lack of overt authority in modern society. Now, what have I become? I write blog entries about free sun visors. Sigh. This is why I need to be a student again. For me it must be complete impracticality or mind numbing boredom.
In other news, I am still stuck on this world cup Zinadine Zidane head butt situation. On All Things Considered during my drive home from work yesterday, I was privileged to hear the new French dance song, “Coup de Boule.” I wish I could find a link to that song. I love it.

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