Two free Visors in One Week

My blog is significantly less interesting without having access to the internet at my house. I haven’t been able to upload any pictures, and just my words can be dreadfully boring to read. Maybe I will have to pay for internet access…
The good news about last week is this – I went from owning zero sun visors to owning two sun visors in one week! They both were free, too! My mom gave me her Wake Forest Sun Visor after I used it at the beach on Tuesday and made a statement like, “I sure wish I had a visor like this for when I play tennis.” Then, on Friday night, we went to the Mariners game and it turned out to be “Ladies Night” at Safeco Field. Thus, they gave to all of the Ladies, a free Mariners visor. It turned out to be useful at the game, too, because it was quite sunny. In Seattle in July, the sun does not set until after 10:00 pm, making an evening game feel like an afternoon game.
In more somber news, I am incredibly sad about France’s World Cup performance yesterday. Of course, the antics of France’s star Zidane were pretty hilarious. I guess if I was French, I would feel humiliated, the way I do when an American does something completely aggressive and reckless. But since I just happen to like France, and since I do not have any children that look up to Zidane as a role model, I just get to be entertained by the whole disgraceful showing.

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