Back again to gray

Growing up, I was so anxious for the time when I would finally be able to leave Pensacola, now I am sad whenever I have to leave it. Maybe it is because now that I am older I have finally learned how to appreciate my family. Maybe it is because I now live in a place where the water is too cold to swim at any time during the year and in the summer I just want to live in a bathing suit. In Pensacola, I was nearly able to accomplish this. We went swimming, sailing, kayaking, on trips to the beach. Of course, I also was able to play a fair amount of tennis, which was also quite lovely.
At the end of the day, no matter how I try to mask it, I am Southern. I am Southern because the older I become, the more connected to my roots I want to feel. The more I question as to why I live so far away from the people that I love and landscapes that I know. Even though the shape of the Gulf Islands changes with every passing hurricane, it is still the place I know best. I am beginning to appreciate familiarity a little bit more.
So I was sad to sad to leave and come back to my world of family law cases. Perhaps if I had a job which I could stand just a small bit more it wouldn’t make me so weepy to come back. Or perhaps if at least the weather was somewhat more cheery when I returned instead of so gray and overcast.

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