My summer reading list

Reason #1 why I should be a librarian: What I am best at in this life is reading books. I get giddy inside of really great book stores. I love a day spent lost between book stacks.

Since I am headed to Pensacola this weekend, I picked up my summer reading books this week. This is what I chose for my continued liberal arts education:

For my modern literature and contempary world affairs class:

It is a rather lengthy book, but considering its setting is Southern Sudan I am already engrossed in it.

For my biology/genetics class:

Considering I spent part of my junior/senior year of high school and freshman year of college toying with the notion of studying genetics, I am excited to renew this old obsessive interest. I had forgotten all about the purpose of ribosomes.

For my history class:

I adore spices and frequently wish that I was in a place (like Zanzibar) that grows them. My life would be less complete if I didn’t have spices for my culinary pleasures. Therefore, I should learn the history of their use among humanity.

So that is what I will be reading at the beach this weekend. Sigh, the beach. I can’t wait to go home!!

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