I have an excuse for my lack of postings – I recently relocated to a new home in Seattle and have yet to set up any sort of internet connection at my home because lately I have developed an extreme spending money paranoia. Suddenly, it is too easy to envision myself as a pauper and the thought of spending any money whatsoever sends me into panic induced fits. I realize that this is not normal, but it is yet another one of my obsessive phases which I just have to make it through. Tomorrow, I am actually even opening up a savings account and depositing my entire paycheck which I just received this week. Since I have decided I want to go back to school to be a librarian, I need to save money for it. If I ever hope to retire or buy a house, I need to save money too. Goodbye Anthropologie. You sure were a beautiful place to visit.

In other news, I also have endured some water related tragedies as of late (which have been hard to take because of the positive relationship with water I try to cultivate). When I was in North Carolina, the sewer in my old house backed up and destroyed alot of my things which were packed in boxes on the floor, waiting to be moved (Goodbye other material possessions). Then, when I moved into my new house my landlord went out of town to Australia and my hot water heater broke (Hello cold showers and long stints between washing my hair). Luckily, that is now resolved and water and I are back to our mutual understanding.

Finally, on Wednesday night, I saw the movie, “The Heart of the Game,” about the Roosevelt Roughriders Girls’ Basketball team (from a high school here in Seattle). My boss, Ken Luce, plays an important role in the movie as he represented the star basketball player, Darnelia Russell, when the WIAA found her ineligible to play in her senior year, by arguing that in essence, the WIAA was discriminating based on her sex, because only 1/2 of the population could face not being able to play because of being a teen mother. I love sports movies about basketball, even more when someone I know is in them. Roger Ebert liked it. He even mentioned Ken. Even without my boss being in it, it is a well done sports documentary that reminds us that even girls’ sports can be entertaining.

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