My new attempts to be social

So after feeling pretty terrible for my lack of social abilities, on Tuesday evening, seeking to prove that I am actually capable of carrying on a conversation with other people, I went over to see David’s friends Hank and Tyson since I was in their neighborhood, after going to the gym. Proving that I have yet to evolve into a mature social being, I performed my old college “drop by” to see them at their house, without calling first. Yes, I know that is incredibly rude and annoying at my age.

Nonetheless, it was fun to see them. We watched the Country Music awards which was exactly how any person would expect the Country Music awards to be – full of tributes to soldiers, American Flags, pickup trucks and Jesus. Of course, there were also some scantily clad women mixed in here and there, as well. So much for those family values. The thing that I find so shockingly disturbing about the country music world is that the country music world will condemn the Dixie Chicks for saying it is wrong to bomb innocent people as anti-American and anti-family values, but yet will embrace some redneck who writes some song about “honky tonk bidongky bonk” or some such nonsense which is just a euphamism for sex (and whose performance includes a dozen 90% naked women dancing around him). The country music world is full of hypocracy. I did appreciate Reba’s comment at the end of that performance though, something like “What a great humanitarian (insert sexist, redneck, country music singer’s name here) is. He is giving all of those young ladies work so they can afford to go out and buy some clothes.” Oh Reba.

The next day I went to my friend Natacha’s going away party. She is moving down to San Francisco. So that was two social events two days in a row! I am making progress.

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