A To Do List for while David is in Australia

Since I will have some free time on my hands, here is my to do list for the next 6 days while David is in Australia:

1. Study more French for my impending Paris trip.

2. Exercise every day.

3. Actually learn the law for areas that I profess that I know for purposes of cases which are sitting on my desk.

4. Boycott China – This is the big one. Ever since the President of China came to the US and made a stopover in Seattle to be woed and admired by Boeing and Microsoft executives I have felt like throwing up all over China. At the Boeing plant Hu Jintao had executives hugging him and shouting, “China Rocks!” Bill Gates invited him over for a special dinner. I am sure it is the start of another plan for the Chinese government to find a way to get manufacturing jobs exported to China. Boeing workers should be worried. Today China may be buying Boeing planes, but tomorrow they probably will be manufacturing them. I mean if these US Business leaders have no conscience when it comes to kissing the ass of a repressive regime in order to make a few bucks, then I am sure that their descent down the morality slippery slope will soon have them believing that its okay to have a manufacturing plant with poor working conditions and substandard wages.
But I am also pissed off at China for their complete and utter lack of regard for the rest of the world when it comes to their gasoline prices. China’s gas prices are some of the lowest in the world, even though their increasing demand for gasoline is probably one of the factors why oil prices have been hitting record highs. I guess that is just annoying to me because the rest of the world is basically subsidizing China’s economic development right now, whether we want to or not. I try to be generous with my funds with those that are less fortunate than me, but the fact that China has no regard for common international standards when it comes to human rights, environmental laws, freedoms of speech and religion, and a host of other things just makes me slightly more annoyed everytime I go to the gas pump and think about gas prices in Shanghai. Therefore, effective immediately, I am boycotting products made in China. I guess that means I will have to continue to keep my life Walmart free!

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