Other good things about this week

1. Tom Delay resigned.

2. President Bush was exposed as a leaker.

3. I got to talk to my friend Neil on the phone who I haven’t talked to in far too long. His wife, Sherisa’s dad is running for Congress against Doc Hastings in Eastern Washington. Yippee! Everyone in Eastern Washington should go vote for him.

4. Last night I got the firm’s box tickets for the Tacoma Rainiers game. They were playing the Colorado Sky Sox. The tickets were the best tickets I ever had to a baseball game because we were in the first box directly to the left of home plate. Our seats even said Luce and Associates and they were directly next to the guys from “Honey Buckets” which is my favorite name for Port-A-Potties ever!

Those seats were even better than the Yankees/Mariners game I went to with Tracy in the Bronx where I took this picture of some Yankee, possibly Jason Giambi:

Of course, the Rainiers game also featured a dance contest, fireworks show and my favorite moment of the evening, a hot dog racing against an ice cream cone (I cheered for the hot dog and it won!!). David got inspired to buy some crackerjacks (which are actually affordable at a minor league and non-Yankees game) after singing “Take me Out to the Ballgame.”

Here are my paralegal Melissa and her boyfriend Rick also enjoying the game:

All in all, with the Rainiers winning 11-3 and a fireworks show to top it off, it was a fun way to spend an April evening!

5. David said I could go with him to either Sydney or Paris next month! Unfortunately, I can’t go to Sydney because I have to be in court for one of the days that he is going to be in Syndey. It is too bad because if I went to Australia then the only continents that I will still need to go to will be South America and Antarctica (which is seeming more realistic these days now that I have ice breaker connections!). By the same token though, I really do need to go to Paris, so if I can manage to sweet talk my way into some extra vacation days at short notice and be diligent about keeping my court calendar clear those days then I might be able to do it. I need a break and a chance to utilize my foreign language skills. Seeing a hot dog knock over an ice cream cone is exciting and all, but I really am needing to see some far off place right now.

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