All things Nautical

So I was supposed to post this on Monday:

Today David and I went to lunch on this ship because we were invited by the captain of said ship who happens to be a friend of mine. I think that the Polar Sea is the ship on the left, because it is the second biggest ice breaker in the US Coast Guard fleet. I know it is pretty much everyone’s dream to go on boar a polar ice breaker. I absolutely love being on ships or boats of any kind. I inherited a nautical/seafaring gene from both of my parents. My dad of course was in the Navy and was able to see the world (of course he was mostly on a submarine), and my mother raced sailboats in her youth and young adult years.

When I was very young, Grampy would take us out for sailboat rides on his 32 foot ranger, named Margie, after my Grammy. Mom would take us out on Lake Norman in North Carolina in her tiny sunfish, or sometimes the Hobie Cat. In spite of this early exposure, sometime, in my early preteen years I developed an overwhelming terror related to boats. This was directly attributable to my dad purchasing a ski boat. We took the boat out in Pensacola Bay for the first time, and we got stuck on a sandbar. It happened again the second time. The third time, the waves in the bay were particularly largeand my mom kept screaming to Dad, “You are going to swamp the boat! SLOW DOWN!” The word “bay” became a bad word to me. I couldn’t even look at it on a drive home from the beach without complete emotional anguish. Here is a true story – once Aunt Becky, Uncle Fred, Christian, and Scarlett were in town visiting and we took the boat out in the bay. The bay was choppy, so I crawled into a cubby hole and sang the words to Melissa Manchester’s song, “Don’t cry outloud.” This may have been remotely understandable were I five or six years old; but I think I was eleven, maybe even twelve years old (This is perhaps the most embarassing thing I have ever admitted in public).

To make a long story of my drawn out history with boats significantly shortly, let me just note, I got over it. At some point in time I realized I love being on the water. It is now one of my greatest dreams to own a sailboat because there is just something about floating on top of water that makes me squeal with delight, even just thinking about it. Perhaps all of this is attributable to ferry boat rides in Africa, or the sunset sail and snorkel trip in Zanzibar. Or perhaps it is my family genetics finally catching up with me. I can’t take a vacation with my parents without going on a boat of some kind.

So adding the polar ice breaker on to the list of types of boats I have been on was quite fantastic. Perhaps I will join the Coast Guard…

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