A new Solution to America’s Immigration Crisis…

Jessica Simpson, following the lead of Angelina Jolie, wants to adopt international babies. Perhaps we can get all of Hollywood involved to adopt the millions of undocumented workers in the country at present and then we wouldn’t have to worry about the ridiculousness going on in Washington over immigration reform anymore. . I don’t understand this fury that people like US House of Representatives have right now about “border security” and criminalizing undocumented workers as a workable solution to immigration.

I am proud that Democrats are unified on this issue and that many Republicans are not afraid to challenge party leaders on this issue. Sam Brownback, Lindsey Graham, and others who voted in the Senate Judiciary Commitee to support the comprehensive immigration reform bill proposed by Edward Kennedy are to be applauded. And it appears that the Senate is going to be pursuing a more reasonable approach to immigration, no thanks to Bill Frist.

I just don’t understand this exclusionist trend in America. In states like Georgia, people want to punish the same people who make sure that American families have food on their table every night. They want to jail the people that build their houses and keep their lawns green. It is the ultimate act of American selfishness, repaying the people who serve them every day with outward hostility and criminal sanctions. If people thought for five minutes about how unreasonable that is, then perhaps they would recognize the value and worth of these people who come to America because they want to provide for their families too. Of course, that would require most Americans to stop and think for five minutes, which might be too much to ask.


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