Saturday was Super Suburban (Semi-Southern) Shopping Saturday, because it was spent at suburban strip mall stores like Target, Best Buy, Pier One, IKEA, etc. Sometimes it gets a little exhausting and difficult to be a hip urbanite, so you need time at some one stop shopping strip malls at a nearby suburban venue. David is moving to a new apartment this week, so he needed to purchase some essentials and shop around for a dining room table (and the furniture district in Tukwila provided an easy stomping grounds to cover alot of stores in not alot of minutes).

I did my part to contribute to suburban consumer society by purchasing a new tennis racket, which I really wanted. Unfortunately, I returned home Saturday night to find out that I needed to pay $600 in utility bills this month. This means the lovely new tennis racket which I purchased now must be returned and I will have to play with my cheap vibrating intensive racket for a few more months.

There was more good news about Saturday though. What made it Semi-Southern is that the one known Popeyes in the Seattle metro area is located in Renton close to all of the stores we visited. So this means that I did get some delicious New Orleans style spicy chicken. I did have a good picture of my Popeyes bag on my lap, the grease from the chicken seeping through…unfortunately it will not upload, but you can just imagine how good that chicken looked.

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