How to cry in basketball

One does not have to guess at the sublime satisfaction I had with watching Duke lose last night. Well, it was a combination of watching Duke lose and listening to Duke lose (I had to listen to the last two minutes of the game in my car on my way to a Southern Sudanese Community meeting). The last time I listened to a basketball game on the radio was last year’s game between Michigan State and North Carolina in the tournament on my way back to New York from North Carolina with my mom. I was similarly as gleeful. JJ Redick cast doubt on Glen Davis’s claim to be the “Big Baby” when JJ walked off the court crying. He at least wanted to walk off the court being the best at something – “Who is the big baby now?” JJ Redick crying is so detestable perhaps because even in defeat he just seems so smug. “I am going to go write some poetry now about how everyone hates me.”
When Adam Morrison cried after Gonzaga lost, I felt a bit more sympathy. But after all, isn’t it somewhat more sympathetic to be a guy who is diabetic and forever stuck in the awkwardness of puberty stage (with his adolescent mustache and weird body structure). I like Adam Morrison, it must be the bangs. Judge for yourself who is more sympathetic:

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