A good dog can make any day better

My mom just sent me a great story about our dog Ralph (pronouced Rafe with a long “A” sound like Ralph Vaughn Williams or Ralph Fiennes because I am just that pretentious to give my dog a name that is obnoxiously British), which I wanted to post immediately.

Apparently, when my mom went to pick up Ralph from the kennel, after she returned to Pensacola from Seattle, the lady at the kennel told my mom that Ralph made alot of friends while he was there. In fact, when he was let out of his kennel for his playtime, he would use his big nose to go around and lift the gate latches for the other dogs so they cold go out and play too. In the words of my mother, “I always knew he was sneaky, but now my supposition is confirmed…I have raised a crook.” I just love that image of Ralph letting all of the other dogs out to play.

What a great dog! I miss him so much!

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