Its a sad day in Tarheel land

So my Heels lost yesterday. I think it is partly my fault because I left church early to catch the end of the game, and my lack of good will with staying at church probably affected the cosmic balance of the universe. Yesterday, I spent part of the day comiserating with various family members and thinking about such a sad ending. David failed to be particularly sympathetic, but that is because he is a Duke fan who is secretly pleased everytime North Carolina loses. Now, since I didn’t complete brackets this year, my one purpose in watching the tournament is cheer for Duke’s demise.

Don’t worry Tyler! I still love you (although I prefer Bobby Frazier’s name because it is a great basketball name). There is always next year. Next year the ‘Heels will rule the ACC!

And in other present tense good news: the Tarheel women are still alive! They could win it all!

I think that people who know me breathe a collective sigh of relief once college basketball season is over for the year. I can withdraw from my obsessive tendencies for the next six months. I can actually go outside now and enjoy the beautiful spring getting underway in the Pacific Northwest.

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