Networking sucks!

I spent all day at the Northwest Regional Immigration Law Conference learing about business immigration law, because I thought it necessary for my employability in the future, should I ever need it. It was a long day, forcing myself to listen to something that I have only a marginal interest in because I am in constant fear of having to someday find a new job and realizing that I have no skills.

Suffice it to say, I do little to improve my career options when I spend a whole day with hundreds of immigration lawyer and the only conversation I have with anyone is to tell them where a restaurant is located and to thank them for complimenting my skirt. I am the worst networker on the planet. The whole idea of networking just scares me. It is the number one reason why it is so hard for me to find a job ever. I lack business social skills entirely.

Take yesterday in court for example. I think I pissed off every other lawyer in the room during my temporary orders hearing because I don’t have any mechanism in my mind that allows me to show any reverence to an attorney just because they have been practicing law for twenty years. The attorney my case was against I am quite sure hates me now, and since he has been practicing law for twenty years, I am sure my name will be mud in the entire Pierce County legal community.

These are the kinds of things that cause panic attacks for me because I fear that my entire career is going to be a wash because I can’t simply have a superficial conversation with someone.

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