Who voted North Carolina #1 in the USA Today Poll?

It was me!!
I guess after Saturday night, JJ Reddick will be writing more sad poetry. Those young Tarheels dismantled JJ and his equally beastly sidekick, Sheldon Williams, on what was one of the saddest senior nights in the history of Duke basketball. I love my Tarheels! Another reason why today is a good day to be a fan of the Carolina blue – the #1 women’s basketball team won the ACC Tournament too.

In non-college basketball related news, Saturday the weather was beautiful here. The camillias are blooming on the eight feet tall bush in my front yard. It makes me sublimely happy because seeing camillias bloom is like being in the South in spring, and that is always a good feeling. I may not have magnolias or gardenias, but at least it is a start.

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