Go heels! Revisited…

So this is the next book I will be reading – To Hate Like This is to Be Happy Forever: A Thoroughly Obsessive, Intermittently Uplifting, and Occasionally Unbiased Account of the Duke-North Carolina Basketball Rivalry. (Click on the link because the Slate article that talks about this book is absolutely hilarious and 100% true – of course also coming from a completely biased North Carolina fan). Will Blythe is a pretty perceptive man (which I can also say since he is a North Carolina fan).
In high school my friend and I would have bets every year about the outcome of Duke – North Carolina games. Lucky for me, that during the mid 1990s when I was in high school, North Carolina always won. Drew never did pay up.
David is also a Duke fan. I would be lying if I didn’t say that this hasn’t come up before as an issue. Truthfully, believing as I do that being a North Carolina fan means believing in populist America, and being a Duke fan means believing in elitist America, I am shocked that he is a Duke fan. David is a product of public schools (whereas I went to the private university), and he is a great people person, whereas me, not so much good with people. If David wasn’t such a good person, I wouldn’t have such a hard time believing him to be a Duke fan.
Ouch! That was pretty mean regarding Duke fans in general. I have had many Duke fans as friends in my life. I enjoy the friendly rivalry. It is always fun to have someone who thinks that they are better than everyone else humiliated in some small way on the basketball court (why everyone loves it when JJ Reddick tosses up an airball). Go heels! Do middle America justice!

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