Willoughby You Cheat!

So once again, I have to post on just how perceptive Jane Austen is. Re-reading her books, I am just getting so much more out of them this time around. It is the type of insight puts the words that I lacked at the time to my life three years ago – from Sense and Sensibility Marianne says:

“My illness has made me think. It has given me leisure and calmness for
serious recollection. Long before I was enough recovered to talk, I was
perfectly able to reflect. I considered the past: I saw in my own behaviour,
since the beginning of our acquaintance with him last autumn, nothing but a
series of imprudence towards myself, and want of kindness to others. I saw
that my own feelings had prepared my sufferings, and that my want of fortitude
under them had almost led me to the grave. My illness, I well know, had
been entirely brought on by myself by such negligence of my own health, as I had
felt, even at the time, to be wrong. Had I died, it would have been
self-destruction. I sis nor know my danger till the danger was removed;
but with such feelings as these reflections gave me, I wonder at my recovery –
wonder that the very eagerness of my desire to live, to have time for atotnment
to my God, and to you all did not kill me at once. . . Whenever I looked towards
the past, I saw some duty neglected, or some failing indulged. . . “

If I ever have daughters they will be forced to take Jane Austen much more seriously than I did my first time around! Because what she writes is so true. They will pre-emptively learn to stay away from the Willoughbys of the world.

I also must say, I love how Austen society always involves taking walks in the country. I think it has made me love my parents’ “farm” in Mississippi even more. I shall resist the urge to expound more upon what similarites I find between the 19th century British lesser gentry and Southern culture. I may believe that direct applicability in my own life, but it is a bit of a stretch considering the Walmart culture of the South in the 21st century.

Here is a picture of my mom taking an Austen-like ramble in the country – without the empire-waist dress:

Here is a picture of me at my parents’ new house they are building – from November 2005. I expect to be doing much wandering through pastures with it as my home base in the future:

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