Pioneer Square Sucks

Last night David’s car was broken into. They broke a window on the back passenger’s side and there was glass all over his backseat. Whoever it was didn’t take anything from his car, though. His tennis racket was in the backseat, but they didn’t take it. David is smart and didn’t leave anything of value in his car for the miscreants in his neighborhood to take. It was just a mere annoyance more than anything else. Now David has to clean up glass, get a new window, and until then drive around with white trash plastic taped to where his window should be.

Seriously, David needs to move. Pioneer Square is terrible. The night before when I was leaving his apartment in just trying to walk to my car I nearly was caught in the middle of this huge bar fight melee that had migrated down the street. Then the police came and their magic beating sticks came out and bodies were flying everywhere and I just wanted to go home.

Not to mention the fact that almost every night that I am leaving the same woman asks me for money so she can buy tampons. That woman must have quite the menstrual flow. Or maybe she just thinks that makes her more sympathetic and she forgets that I am someone that she uses that ploy on every day.

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