no justice to be had

I don’t just say that because this is a particularly wretched day in the Bronx Family Court. I mean, the sewage pipes in the ceiling did burst. Everyone has to walk around wearing nose clips. It is too foul even to adequately describe.
No, what I am referring to today is the shocking realization that my belief in some cosmic karma to balance things out may not be as immediate as I hoped. It turns out that sometimes people who treat other people badly and who walk all over others and who take advantage of them, well, sometimes they do get what they want. Sometimes they get to have the happy ending, while the people whom they took advantage of and utilized for their own gain are now working in offices that smell like shit.
Alright I am over it now.

Seattle was good. I think. There were some confusing moments. But I think a resolution is on the horizon.

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