At least Bronx Family Court doesn’t make me cry anymore. I just had a crappy day because two judges yelled at me. I am so sick of caring about what goes on in the confines of this building. The truth is, there is rarely justice inside of these walls.

So much for my youthful idealism.

I am far too young to be so cynical about so many things.

Here is something else I am trying to resolve – do I just create excess faults in other people so that I don’t have to deal with my own foibles? Do I always assume the worst about others so I don’t have time to look at how many issues I have?

All I want to do these days is eat sushi and read social gospel critics. I have loved reading William Sloane Coffin lately. Perhaps it is just because I am suffering from Bill Moyers withdrawl.

Oh why did you have to retire, Bill, why? If you were still around on Friday nights then perhaps I wouldn’t engage in reckless behavior just to avoid sitting alone in my apartment. David Brancaccio is nice, but he is no replacement for you Bill! Why have you abandoned me in my deepest hour of need?

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