I went to The Gates exhibit in Central Park on Saturday. On Sunday, I decided to walk home from church by way of the park as well. Those simple pieces of cloth swinging in the breeze – they were exactly what I needed. New York seemed like a more personable and beautiful place. Central Park actually seemed like the community commons that it was intended to be. I walked and watched and listened to my fellow New Yorkers enjoying the park in an entirely new way, knowing that in two weeks, it wouldn’t be like this anymore. I hope that the memory of the exhibit will allow us all to see the park in a different way days, weeks, months, and years after the Gates come down.
The saffron gates reminded me of monks in Buddhist monastaries. That peacefulness and tranquility is something that I have needed in my life as of late. The colors gave me pause for moments of quiet meditation and ultimately led me to returning to some of my writing that I have put aside for too many years, from days when I used to be thoughtful. Those days certainly have seemed far removed as of late, because of so many hours I have invested in not thinking about much of anything.
Orange is a much better color than the annoying red of Valentines Day. Of course, who am I to talk – I am wearing a new pink shirt today that I purchased this weekend from Anthropologie. I must be stopped before I hurt someone.

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