If only…

Since I am always complaining about the cold, I should at least comment that it has been significantly warmer in the metro area the past few days. This weekend, the highs were in the 40s and it was sunny.

Otherwise, the family court is still making me crazy. Yesterday, I had a homicide detective in my office who was sharing with me the details of a homicide case that he was working on Friday when he was unable to come to court. It was so graphic and disturbing, it made things painfully clear that I picked the wrong profession for me.

Lately, I also have noted a significant problem in my life of being unable to digest regular food. I have no desire to eat vegetable or anything that might provide badly needed nutrients, but instead, I want to eat things like Lucky Charms or Cake Batter Ice Cream for dinner.

I saw the movie “In Good Company” again. Those nuanced jabs at corporate America are very appreciated considering I think that the whole working world is insane these days. I don’t seem to know anyone who is content at their jobs these days. Well, I should rephrase that, no one who is currently employed in a traditional job that is. The happiest people I know are the ones that are out changing the world on their own terms on the opposite side of the world or the ones that have refused to surrender to practicality and are making a go of it in their own chosen art. I wish I was that brave.

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