Five Years to Repair

So apparently, the A and C subway lines in New York could take up to five years to repair after a fire damaged a switching station yesterday. My question is this – how can it take five years to repair anything in New York? What is wrong with the imcompetent people at the MTA that it takes five years to fix a subway line? I think you could build a whole new subway line in that amount of time. And it will probably just be another excuse for the MTA to raise subway fares again (not that they actually need an excuse). So much for trying to take the A train to go to JFK airport.

It is just another example to add to my list of why New York drives me crazy (this was after I made my peace with the Big Apple on Sunday). I guess my temporary cease-fire with the city was bound to end once the white snow ended and the brown sludge began. So much for the city looking clean – it looks more disgusting than ever and my pants’ legs are paying the price.

Today is another day in the Bronx Family Court of witnesses not showing up and me wasting my time and court.

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