I survived the Blizzard of 2005

“The Blizzard of 2005” that is what all of the television stations were calling the snow storm we got this weekend. They made it seem so dramatic and serious, but it was just 13 inches of snow in New York City. It kept me inside of my apartment reading the newly released “Children at War” by PW Singer all weekend. While the subject of child soldiers around the world is an important and interesting one, I couldn’t help but feel like I was wasting a perfectly good weekend.

Today, I finally ventured out after the snow stopped. I didn’t go to church like I was supposed to, but I wandered over to Central Park to enjoy the scenes of kids on their sleds and dogs jumping in powdery snow piled higher than the dogs were tall. New York looked profoundly beautiful, in a way that I don’t think that I have ever seen it before. There is some truth to what the lady interviewed in Forest Hills on the news last night said about the city only ever looking clean when it snows. It made me happy, and it made all of the snow seem worth it. I reconciled with New York for awhile, admitting that she isn’t as bad as I constantly make her out to be. What makes her so bad is that even in her most beautiful moments, I am alone here and do not have anyone to share said Central Park snow with.

I was also sad that it had to snow like this on the weekend – because if it would have been during the week then possibly we would have gotten a day off of work which certainly would have been welcomed. The scene in Central Park on a Wednesday would have even been lovelier.

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